Indie vibes

Kiki Productions. and Cubic-Lemon presents :

Indie Vibes released in 08 / 2015

An interractive voxel-musics-disk containing 6 songs
Un voxel-musics-disk interractif contenant 6 morceaux

Réalisé en 1 mois / Realised in 1 month

The team : 3D, 2d : Tawny Musics : Stailer and Magmavander

Stailer :

Magmavander :

Cubic lemon :

Greetz to : adinpsz m4nkind Sector one Xmen Coccon Ukonx Popsy team Kstorm Universe Woodtower Skarla B.O.S X-Men syn[RJ], JFF…demomakers over the world

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